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Ravintolalaiva Cindy

Restaurant photo

3 Stars

Turku is always awash with restaurant boats on the river. At high summer there are a large amount of them though by the end of August they have started to thin. We are still offered a choice of half a dozen and wander up and down the side carefully considering our options.

Settling on one named Cindy, we hop aboard and the barmaid explains we should choose what we want and order at the bar. I select the overcooked pork burger while Elina goes for the steaked herring filled with a different fish.

We sit by the bulkhead to provide us with some shade. The boat also has an awning, though it is closed.

I wonder whether “overcooked” pork is a bad translation, however I have since seen it in several other places in Finland. Whatever it is, it is tasty. The chips also come with chip spice, which I did not even know existed outside of Yorkshire. Thumbs up.

Elina’s dish is deliberately and pleasingly fish heavy. It also comes with lumpy mash which after much discussion we decide is definitely supposed to be lumpy because we can see some clearly designed lumps in it.

Itäinen Rantakatu, 20700, Turku

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