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Pikku Himalaya

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4 Stars

Pori is on the western coast of Finland and not a place where you would expect to find, for example, a large Nepalese community. Yet, within two blocks of each other, we found two restaurants. We tried “Little Himalaya” as it is called in English.

I have eaten at a fair few restaurants in Finland and typically a main has been €15-25. Food is expensive. Not Pikku Himalaya. Most dishes were €8.50. I got the lunch mix, which was the most expensive thing on the menu, and that was €10.

What do you get for that you ask? More food that you can possibly eat! You get unlimited use of the salad cart, plus your curry arrives with a mountain of rice, and later a basket full of naan bread turns up as well! Oh, and there is no need to buy a drink because you get water and unlimited lassi from the salad cart too.

Elina has the chicken korma while I get a mix of both the pork and the chicken. Everything is tasty. This is possibly the best value food in Finland. It is not going to explode your taste buds, but for less than €10 you really cannot go wrong.

Photo: Central Pori Church.

Antinkatu 10, Pori

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