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4 Stars

Pass through security at Helsinki Vantaa terminal 2, and you will find an Irish sports bar named O’Learys that is as old as Elina. We never fly back to the UK without pigging out on some ribs.

We begin by ordering 10 chicken wings. We end up getting 14, which means we got bonus wings, but critically an even amount of bonus wings, thereby allowing us to continue to share the wings equally.

After this we order the rib combo. This comes with three different kinds of ribs at different heat levels. We struggle to tell the difference between the different ribs but they are tasty and the meat comes away from the bone with reasonable ease.

It might not be the most amazing food in the world, but at an airport where you expect to pay high prices and get low quality food, O’Learys offers objectively really nice food that does not take advantage of captive travellers.

Photo: the view from the plane as we leave Helsinki Vantaa airport.

What our friends say: Some of our friends say they have experienced slow service. We have been lucky enough never to run into this, but if we did, we would reconsider the rating we have awarded them.

Airside, Terminal 2, Helsinki Airport, 01531 Vantaa

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