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Ravintola Nokka

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5 Stars

In August, this far north, the nights are long and bright. Even at 8pm in the evening it was light enough for us to eat our entire meal outside. Warm enough? That was a different matter. However, I was not about to let my beautiful harbour-side view be spoiled by temperature.

Nokka is the kind of restaurant that introduces each dish and its various components to you. However, it still maintains the standard number of sizes and courses. No ten-course tiny-truffle nonsense to be found here.

I start with the reindeer tartar that comes with some deep-fried lichen. As Elina points out, there is something deliciously odd about eating an animal, and the animal’s favourite food, at the same time.

Every item on the plate is carefully crafted and provides a unique and interesting flavour.

My main comes with pork served two ways and a selection of vegetable styles that adds variety. Elina starts with the bream mousse and then moves on to the beef which proves similarly pleasing.

We round the meal off with a carrot parfait and a raw chocolate cake. I am not always a fan of dark chocolate but this works superbly, especially when accompanied by the strawberry sorbet.

This is the best meal I have had in Finland. It is also by far the most expensive. Treat yourself, and sit outside.

Photo: a bridge leading over to the waterside where Nokka is located.

Kanavaranta 7, 00160, Helsinki

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