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3 Stars

Located on the river in Uusikaupunki, their terrace is situated under an awning. Every other table has a heat lamp so we quickly jump over to the next table to stay warm.

I start with the salmon soup. It fulfils its job entirely, being both a soup and full of fish. Elina has the snails in blue cheese. Each one looks like a tiny smothered chicken.

My main fairs less well. In my opinion the ribs are burned, which I realise is the fashion, but popular opinion does not make burned food taste any better. There is also a mountain of chips which, after my rather filling starter, produces a daunting feeling. I eat until I am uncomfortably full and yet it still looks like I have not really started.

In fact, I am so full that I am unable to fit a dessert in. I do try some of Elina’s buckthorn and cointrou sorbet though. It certainly has two distinct flavours, though whether any one person call tell the difference is unclear. Elina tasted buckthorn while Riitta and I could definitely taste the cointrou.

It is pub grub, but a good standard. I would have liked fewer chips and the ribs to have been cooked a little less, but the rest of it was well done.

Photo: the riverside just outside Kahveli.

Aittaranta 4, 23500, Uusikaupunki

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