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3 Stars

If you are looking for a burger in a hurry, McDonald’s is not the dominant place to go in Finland. Turku-based Hesburger is king. They are everywhere and offer a range of beef burgers, chicken, fish and vegetation options.

Some of the choices come with a delightfully Finnish twist. The rye burger for example. Or the gluten-free hamburger. They have a good range of salads too, including a hamburger salad.

On this visit we drop in to their Rauma branch and keep it simple with two cheeseburgers. It is ready immediately and dressed as you would expect. However, I must confess I am not a huge fan of their mayonnaise.

I would describe Hesburger as fast food. In that respect it is very good. Friendly staff, quick service, and good value food.

Nortamonkatu 3, 26100, Rauma

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