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Helsinki Zoo

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2 Stars

Like a lot of things in Helsinki, the zoo is located on its own island. A ferry over is included in your ticket price. In the centre of the zoo is a large self-service restaurant where you can get hot food. It is called Ravintola Pukki, which translates to restaurant goat.

We both order the steak and chips. They do not ask us how we would like it cooked, so given it is family friendly I assume it will turn up well done. I am therefore pleasantly surprised when it turns up medium well.

It was plenty of food, despite us ordering the small size.

This is in contrast to the first time we ate at the zoo. In that visit we got chicken nuggets and chips, and ended up with about three nuggets each. Also they lose a few marks for not serving the elderly zoo animals that recently passed away.

For lunch at the zoo, I do highly recommend it. Given the standard of food in Finland is so high though, we have marked it as acceptable.

Photo: a bear in Helsinki zoo.

Mustikkamaanpolku 12, 00270, Helsinki

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