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5 Stars

When we told our friends we went to Goodwin, they did not know what it was. Until we said “you might have seen the advert at the airport”. Then everybody knew. Their video wall in baggage reclaim makes some bold statements about the quality of their food. They even own the domain name

Outside their restaurant they grow even more bold. “The best steak of your life” the board proclaims. Assuming my Finnish is accurate, which it probably is not. This was going to be a tough order for them, because we had been before. Thus, even if it was better than any other steak house, they also had to beat last time or risk false advertising.

I order the medium rib eye while Elina goes for the stroganoff. This is probably the exact same thing we ordered the first time we have visited. Why mess with a good thing? Everyone else orders cow too.

The waiter is not messing around. After each person gives their preferred cut, he does not just ask them how they want it - he tells them the recommended cooking level. I imagine that if you said “well done” he would just tell you the recommended cooking level again.

The steaks turn up sharpish and the seemingly aggressive waiter is back demanding that we cut into the steaks immediately to stop them cooking. It makes total sense! Why do other steak houses not tell you to do that?

It is cooked to perfection and delicious to eat.

For dessert I have the American chocolate cake. It is delicious, but way too big in my opinion. It has multiple layers, and is a big slice. I would have preferred something a little smaller, with ice cream or sorbet on the side.

I wash it all down with the Goodwin Fresh alcohol free cocktail. It is very tasty.

Goodwin really does do excellent steaks. Whether it is the best steak of my life, that I am not sure of. However, I heartily recommend you find out for yourselves.

Eteläranta 14, 00130, Helsinki

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