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Cafe Piper

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3 Stars

Located on the island of Suomenlinna, Cafe Piper offers hot and cold lunches. They have one soup, which is the soup of the day, so hopefully you will like the flavour.

They have seating both inside and out. We manage to find a table under some trees, which is ideal as it provides some shade while allowing us to enjoy the outdoors. It does make for an uneven surface however and we end up spilling a few drinks.

The soup of the day turns out to be sweet potato. It is €8.50 and includes bread and water. I still do not really understand what the included water is, but the bread was good, and the soup was lovely.

Elina had an open sandwich, which is a sandwich without a top. I would dispute that that is in fact a sandwich, but Elina assures me it is a thing in Finland. The bread is very dark, much to her delight.

It is a beautiful location and the food is good. Between sandwiches, cakes and drinks the total cost was €30 though, which is quite a bit.

Photo: a beach on Suomenlinna, the island on which Cafe Piper is located.

Suomenlinna C 40, 00190, Helsinki

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