Finland Restaurant Guide

Welcome to the Suomi Ravintola opas! Written by Chris Worfolk & Elina Leinio, authors of the Leeds Restaurant Guide. This short guide details some of the restaurants we have visited while travelling in Finland, approached in the same honest and unbiased manor as our extensive guide to Leeds. It may be small, but we hope you will enjoy it just as much.

The Book

Book cover You can buy the book as a Kindle Edition on Amazon for 99p.


  1. Cafe Piper Cafe Piper
  2. Goodwin Goodwin
  3. Helsinki Zoo Helsinki Zoo
  4. Hesburger Hesburger
  5. Hotel Katajanokka Hotel Katajanokka
  6. Kahveli Kahveli
  7. Lungi Lungi
  8. O'Learys O'Learys
  9. Pikku Himalaya Pikku Himalaya
  10. Ravintola Nokka Ravintola Nokka
  11. Ravintolalaiva Cindy Ravintolalaiva Cindy
  12. Wanhan Rauman Kellari Wanhan Rauman Kellari